About Me


One guy, loads of passion

I started working on "customer" bikes just after the 2008 crash. At first it was friends, family and close acquaintances.  In 2011 Motorbike Bruno's Garage was born. I decided that I wanted to help as many people as I could. And the only way to do that was to become a reputable mechanic so I could get as many bikes out of the sheds and back on the road and their happy owners back in the saddle again.  It's been quite the journey!  


What do I work on?

I do vintage motorcycle repair and carburetor cleaning on the older bikes.  60's/70's/80's and 90's mainly. As a one man motorcycle repair shop, I specialize in the Japanese motorcycles.   I've worked on very old Harley's here and there, Triumph flattrack bikes, dirt bikes and carbureted bikes in the early 2000's too.  I typically won't work on most Harley's since I don't know the bikes, and won't have any of the special tools needed to work on them.  Try  Rumble Industries if you need help with a Harley. You can call them at (763) 710-7181 



Due to a busy life with young kids and my wife being an entrepreneur, my hours are limited more these days as the kids get older. Since bike work is not my full time job, please be patient as my lead times can vary.  If I don't have the space to get you in right away, I urge you to learn a little about your bike and get to your bike's forum to find out more on getting the carburetors out so you can bring them to me. I can usually clean a set of carbs within a week or so depending upon parts needed.  I used to do an appointment calendar but with the old bikes that has proven increasingly difficult since a bike may come in for carburetor work and actually need a new top end due to low compression (this happened 3 times this year already!!)  I'll do the best I can to get you in, but realize it may take me longer to work on your bike due to my crazy schedule.  If you are looking for tire changes, see Terry @ Cycle Tek 763 792 2331 I bring all of my tires up to him, he's a mile north of me.