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How fast can I get them cleaned?

I take my time and clean your carburetors by hand and if needed, my Ultrasonic cleaner.  This is why my prices are a great deal in carb cleaning!

One price, no matter how long it takes me.  Carburetors and the bikes they are attached to are a passion of mine.  I work on carburetors at night

after my “day job” is done.  Luckily,   they are at the same place right now, which allows you to drop them off/pick them up during the daytime

as well as at night and on the weekends by appointment.  Most carburetors (off-bike) are one/two-day turnaround.  If you drop them off on a

Wednesday night, you’ll most likely be able to pick them up during the day on Thursday or Friday.   I like to get out and ride as much as I can

as much as you do, so weekends are only by appointment.  Shoot me a quick text to see when I’m available for your carburetors! 651 428 4947

 Also, I would prefer an email instead of a voicemail!  That way I have yourinformation and what you would like done

already written down.  I’m very busy and this would help me out greatly!  Thanks!